Sunday, August 24, 2008

Toe Nail Infection - A Way To Get Rid Of A Nasty Toe Nail Infection Without Going To The Doctor? by Elliott Hairston

There is nothing worse then having toe nail infection. The infection can cause your toes to become very ugly and sore. The thought of walking around barefoot in public is out of the question. Now, there are some treatments for nail infection, but you must used them as directed.
Infection Under Toe Nail Symptoms
If you notice that your toe nails are getting thicker and changing color, you have already developed an infection. Also, if your toes are hurting, your nails have started to flake and if you see spots on your nails, these are signs you already have the infection.
Stop A Toe Nail Infection Before It Begins
Take precautions when using public gyms, showers and other places, this will prevent you from getting an infection and it will stop you from spreading it, if you have it. You must understand that fungus hangs out in dark and moist places. Wearing flip flops or sandals while using public places is a good way to prevent the infection from reoccurring.
Be careful when you are trimming you nails, you do not want to trim them so close that it causes you to cut your other toes, because this will cause the infection to spread to your other toes as well. Change your socks everyday, as many times as you can. Let your toes get some air whenever possible.
Toe Nail Infection Treatment
There are drugs prescribed by doctors that you can take. There are two things wrong with this method, the drugs are expensive and the doctor visits are expensive. Ask your doctor if there are any side effects to these drugs. In most case these drugs can cause liver and kidneys damage.
Most people have found out that most of the over the counter treatment for nail fungus does not seem to work fast enough, if they even work at all.
There is a way to get rid of a nasty nail infection without going to the doctor. All you need is a toe nail infection treatment product that will get the job done. If you are tired of the smell and the look of your toes, a little research is all you need to do, and speak with you doctor if you have to take some type of pill.

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