Wednesday, August 6, 2008


A Woman is said to be infertile when,for one reason or another,she is unable to conceive after a long period of trial.A man is said to be infertile when for one reason or another,he is unable to impregnate a woman.

There are two types of infertility.The first is called primary infertility.This refers to the inability of a woman to conceive at all,or of a man toimpregnate a woman.The second is called secondary infertility.This implies that there was time when the man or the woman was fertile,but is nolonger fertile.A woman may give birth to one or two children and suddenly find herself unable to be pregnant again.This is secondary infertility.

UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLE=I strongly believe that one of the major cause of infertility is unhealthy lifestyle of the people today.We have drifted away from nature and we are paying dearly for it today.We need to re-examine ourselves very well and look at our way of life,our philosophy of life and our relationship with God,with others,with ourselves and with our environment.We exploit our bodies,as if we are free to treat our bodies as we like.We eat and drink whatever we like.Rather than eating simple and natural foods that will give nourishment and life to the body,we eat precisely those foods that harm our body.

This is (at times)a painful condition in which cells from the uterine lining implant themselves outside the uterus where they bleed during menstruation,leading to ovarian cysts,scarring and adhesions.

This is when ovulation fails to occur when it is not regular.This could be caused by wrong medication,emotional imbalance or a polycystic ovarian diease called stein-leave-thal syndrome.

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