Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to lose your Belly, Burn Fat and get slim. Yes, it is possible! by J. Oberson

How to lose your Belly, Burn Fat and get slim. Yes, it is possible! Yes you can start seeing results this month!
So get ready to kiss your "fat clothes" goodbye once and for all! In case you're wondering, you won't need to go on an insane diet or become a triathlete to accomplish your goals.
The number 1 thing you can do is build some lean muscle mass. If you are a woman, don't worry. Building muscle will not make you look bulky. It would take eating 1,000's of calories, training hours a day, and possibly taking steroids for a woman to become bulky.
So what's so great about muscle...........
One of the greatest benefits of muscle is that it burns calories all day long to maintain itself. Every pound of lean muscle you have will burn additional calories round the clock without you having to do any additional exercise.
Muscle is also more dense than fat. A 150 lb woman that has 25% body fat could have a waist 4-5 inches larger than a woman who weighs 150 lbs and has 15% body fat.
Also muscle is firm to the touch and adds nice shape to your body (6-pack abs). Fat is well, lumpy, soft, and marshmallow- like.
You can start building lean muscle mass by doing resistance exercises. You can do bodyweight exercises: pushups, pull ups etc. You can also get a pair of dumbbells and do exercises at home, bench press, arm curls, squats etc. Don't forget to do crunches /reverse crunches to help slim your stomach. You just need to build up to 3 sets of 8-12 reps for the resistance exercises and around 2-3 sets of 20-30 reps for the crunches.
This can be done 3 days a week in around 20 minutes.
By building lean muscle you have taken one of the most important steps to lose your belly, burn fat and get slim.

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