Monday, August 4, 2008


Wealth as we all know is good and something everyone desires to have. But the funny thing about been wealthy is that, is not everyone can become wealthy in life. Is not everybody can maintain wealth? Some will forever remain pooe all know is r, others become rich and only a few, becomes wealthy. One might at these points ask the question, what’s different between when one is been rich, from when one is wealthy.

Riches is something one can stumble into by chance. It can be suddenly achieved. One that wins a lotto or a fighting challenge, can become rich as a result of such occasion while some become rich as a result of favour from someone. But the truth remains that getting riches is just a step towards creating wealth and finally maintaining it is the father of it all.

Wealth takes time to be built, and not a sudden event as to getting rich. Wealth has series or steps towards standing it upright. The truth also remains that building a lasting wealth need some basic fundamentals which I will be discussing here now.

1. You must have a dream: from which you set-up a goal you want to achieve.
2. Acquired knowledge: Once you found out your dream, you must equipped it will sound knowledge, so as to get more exposed to its strategies.
3. Action: This is the must challenging part of it, I will not go into much detail about all these, because from the above listed facts, it has so much to get from it, but then you know that sometimes people don’t fail because they plan to, but because they fail to plan. Fear and procrastination is greatest enemy towards our action and our achieve wealth.

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