Sunday, August 24, 2008


The solution lies in a true understanding of human sexuality as opposed to that of lower forms of life. The problem can be considerable alleviated, if not altogether removed, if the man and the woman develop this deeper understanding by discussion together. Ejaculation too soon often occurs because of fear. The man may be very tense,fearing that he may not live up to the expectation of his woman, and that he will not satisfy her. Some men never learn that sheer power alone,without love, can never fully satisy a woman . The human being is one person, woman consists of soul and body as a unity. The biggest mistake that a man can make is to separate that soul and body in his woman and come to her as if she were body alone. By approaching her in this way he not only reduces her, he reduces himself as welll because acting in these manner is a distortion of reality. True sexuality consists in one whole person fully communicating with another whole person.

If this were understood by both man and the woman together,the problem of repeated premature ejaculation, and many other difficulties, would be alleviated. john njikanam

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