Sunday, August 10, 2008


To prevent getting syphilis, you must avoid contact with infected tissue (a group of cells) and body fluids of an infected person. Usually syphilis is transmitted from people who have no visible sores or rashes and who do not know they are infected, however.
If you are not infected with syphilis and are sexually active, having mutually monogamous sex with only one uninfected partner is the best way to prevent syphilis. Using condoms properly and consistently during sexual intercourse reduces the risk of getting syphilis.
Washing or douching after sex will not prevent syphilis. Even if you have been treated for syphilis and cured, you can be re-infected by having sex with an infected partner.
The risk of a mother transmitting syphilis to her unborn baby during pregnancy declines with time but persists during latent syphilis. To prevent passing congenital syphilis to her unborn baby, all pregnant women should be tested for syphilis.

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