Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Pepper is a spice, food and condiment, rich in vitamins and increase appetite, alleviate gas and enhance effective blood circulation.
Little wonder why people acquitted with its nutritional values barely spend a day without eating food spiced with pepper. If we may ask how important is for us to eat spicy food? Pepper sets one’s tongue on fire and make one shed tears like a baby, does pepper help the body in any way?
Pepper contains high percentage of vitamins like; vitamin B1,B6,folic acid and vitamin C which boosts the immune system. Pepper is also rich in vitamin B2,A,protein,calcium,zinc and beta-carotene. Studies have shown that 1 small chilli pepper among the several varieties of pepper has more vitamin C than 1 lemon or orange, as well as 50 percentage of the daily recommended dosage of vitamin A. The spicy portion called capsaicin can be extracted and turned into medicine that could be used for headache,bloatness and skin disorder.
A further research has it that pepper is good for the heart and is recommended for hypertensive and ulcer patient,Reumatism/Arthritis patient can apply a mixture of cayenne pepper and Shea butter on their leg, as it enhances free blood circulation. Despite the several complains that pepper is hot on the tongue, some people, mostly those in the riverine areas of Nigeria and some other parts of the world prefers very spicy food. Some people claim something appears missing if they don’t eat spicy food or fish and raw pepper. The spicier the food the better. There are several varieties of pepper ranging from the green bell pepper, which can be consumed in different forms;raw,cooked roasted or in vegetable platters. The chilli pepper can be used for sauce, food and stew, while Anaheim pepper is primarily used for paste when dried.
Note; if you touch the chilli pepper by accident and feel the burning sensation on your skin, you can use lemon or lime juice to wash out the area and this will alleviate the burning sensation. If you accidentally eat chilli pepper, you can drink milk because it has casein, which helps to alleviate the spicness
John njikanma
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